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We stock a wide range of high quality astro-imaging filters by Antlia, Chroma, Optolong and ZWO, including light pollution, LRGB, narrowband and planetary filters for use with both colour and monochrome CMOS, CCD & DSLR cameras. 

Optolong's multiband filters such as the L-eNhance & L-eXtreme are ideal for cutting through light pollution and isolating nebulae with colour cameras such as the ZWO ASI533MC, ASI2600MC and QHY268C Pro, as well as Nikon, Canon and Sony DSLR/Mirrorless cameras.

Narrowband imaging filters are useful for isolating the various wavelengths produced by ionized gasses such as Hydrogen (H-alpha), doubly ionized Oxygen (OIII) and Sulphur (SII) in emission and planetary nebulae.


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