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The Prima Luce Lab ARCO is the new low profile ARCsecond resolution rOtator that, thanks to its incredible resolution of 1 arc second per step, is the most precise camera rotator and field de-rotator.

The 2” version of ARCO has a thickness of only 20mm and a free aperture of 50.8mm, whereas the larger 3" version has a thickness of 23mm and a free aperture of 76.2mm. When used together with an equatorially mounted telescope, ARCO allows you to rotate the camera without the need to touch the telescope. When used with an alt-az mount (without a wedge), it also works as field de-rotator, enabling you to do long exposure astrophotography as never before!

Connect ARCO with a single short cable to Prima Luce Lab's ESATTO or SESTO SENSO 2, and control it from your EAGLE, any Windows computer or with a smartphone or tablet via WiFi.
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