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SkyWatcher Dobsonian telescopes are the ultimate light gatherers, with apertures up to 20". Available in classic metal tube and collapsible truss-tube designs for portability. SynScan Go-To versions are also available, allowing the user to slew the telescope towards planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, clusters and much more with a catalogue of 42,900 celestial objects.

SkyWatcher collapsible Dobsonians improve on the Dobson design by building a collapsible system that allows the telescope to be easily stored or transported. The 3 metal bars, used to fully extend the tube, have an auto-lock spring loaded system that simplify the set up of the telescope so only one person is required to fully extend the tube. The rigidity of the telescope keeps the mirrors collimated and the tension control system keeps the telescope balanced, so it is not necessary to move heavy counterweights.

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