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 Avalon Instruments produces high precision, Italian-made mounts which utilize their Fast Reverse Technology, a system of pulleys and toothed belts for extreme guiding accuracy and zero backlashThe Linear, M-Uno and M-Zero mounts are highly portable and easy to set up, requiring virtually zero maintenance due to their belt drive transmission on both right ascension and declination axes.  

The single fork design of the M-Uno and M-Zero allows uninterrupted all-night tracking without the need for a meridian flipWith the Dual-DEC system, it is possible to install a second telescope on the opposite side of the declination axis or a guiding telescope. A vast range of accessories can be connected with the Dual-DEC system such as Vixen saddles, Losmandy Saddles or the X-Guider.

The M-Uno is optimized for use with long focal length catadioptric tubes such as Schmidt-Cassegrain, Ritchey–Chrétien, Dall-Kirkham up to 10″ in aperture and 20 kg weight according to the tube length, but can be used with short refractors and Newtonians by using various spacers.

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