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The ZWO ASIAIR PLUS is a smart Wi-Fi device which connects your cameras and telescope equipment and allows to control them remotely using a smartphone or a tablet. The new edition includes the much-requested dual-band WiFi antenna with a working range of up to 20 metres

The ASIAIR PLUS has been redesigned to utilize integrated eMMC storage, resulting in a super stable and quick system with I/O speed increased up to 2.5x compared to the previous version.

2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2 and 4 x 12V DC switchable power out ports (now with indicator LEDs) allow you to connect cooled cameras, guide cameras, EAF focusers, and more. The newly added USB Type-C port makes transferring files to your PC super fast (with an optional USB-C to USB-A cable).

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