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We're a team of astronomy enthusiasts who want to share with you the wonders of the cosmos.

  • 25 YEARS

    of experience

  • 34 BRANDS

    representing the world's finest manufacturers

  • 3,784 ITEMS

    the largest range in the southern hemisphere


The mission of Testar Australia is to offer a place where the beginner or the expert astrophotographer can find everything they need for their setup. That's why we offer over 30 different brands of telescopes, cameras and accessories covering every component, from the foot of the tripod to the dew heater of your telescope.

Our large local stock is backed by the support you need to make everything work together. We can help you to select the correct accessories or how to calculate backfocus as well as giving you tips and tricks on how to achieve your astronomy goals.

We are not just a shop! Where manufacturers cannot provide, we will deliver custom solutions for your setup. Powered by computer aided design software, we design observatories as well as parts and accessories to satisfy your requirements.



    Passionate astrophotographer and eclipse chaser, Adriano accounts for the engineering section of Testar as well as technical support and product sourcing. 

    Aerospace Engineer


    An avid astro-imager since the heyday of the KAF8300, Jamie loves all things photography. When not imaging, he can be found locked away in his synthesizer cave.


  • Mireille Coolen

    For all number-related concerns, stocktake, bills and invoices, Mireille is the mastermind of accounting so all math checks out. She worked as star talker at the Uluru Resort.


  • Davide Mercuriati

    A keen astrophotographer, Davide is more than happy to help our customers with any general enquiries they may have and makes sure all our orders leave the warehouse on time.

    Warehouse Manager

Testar Workshop

Testar works mostly online so we can reach you all across Australia as well as New Zealand and the rest of the world.

We are based in Cromer on the Northern Beaches of Sydney where we have a tidy workshop, an optical laboratory where we test telescopes, as well as a showroom with a selection of telescopes and accessories.

We are equipped with a vast variety of tools and fixtures to help you set up your gear. You can stop by during our opening hours or you can drop us a message.