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The anti-dew strip is used on the front of the ZWO camera to avoid dew condensation on the sensor optical window.

The kit includes:

  • Dew heater
  • Cable ties
  • Power cable (one in, two out)

The recommended power supplied to the dew heater is 0.35A @ 12V (~4.2Watts). 

An internal dew-heater is already installed in the ASI 071 MC, ASI 6200 MC, ASI 6200 MM and the ASI 2600.

For the ASI183, ASI1600, ASI294 and ASI533 cameras the heat generated by the thermo electric couple is generally sufficient to heat up the camera case and therefore the sensor optical window.



Dew heater thickness

0.2 ~ 0.3 mm

Power supply

12V @ 0.35 A





1. Clean the surface of the camera where the dew heater has to be placed.

2. Remove the protective film of the adhesive under the dew heater.

3. Place the anti-dew heater strip on the front side of the camera and make sure that the power cable is on the right angle (lining next to the DC plug at the rear end).


 4. Use the cable tie to secure the cable.


5.  Connect the power cable to the dew heater and the TEC.


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