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10 Micron Aries and Centaurus tripods are heavy duty, exceptionally well made tripods capable of holding the GM1000 and GM2000 HPS mounts with ease, and are specifically engineered to maintain the outstanding tracking accuracy provided with the HPS encoders.

Today’s electronic performance (such as very high CCD resolutions and increasing optics performance) force instrument manufacturers to improve every detail of every mechanical part: the tripod is the base of the setup and it needs to be perfect with torsions, vibration absorption, stability and so on.

These are the reasons why 10 Micron developed its own tripods: only with a tripod like Aries or Centaurus II we can assure that all the accuracy given from our seclusive systems will be maintained.

We also stock the excellent Geoptik Hercules tripod, custom made by Geoptik for 10 Micron for the GM1000 and BM1000L mounts, with a finely CNC machined and anodized aluminium base. The legs are made of “first choice” beech wood”, treated for outdoor use. This material guarantees excellent stability and vibration damping, also in case of heavy loads.

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