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X-Y micrometric guide mounts are the perfect solution for aligning your guiding telescope with your main instrument. They allow precise rotation around the X and Y axes for perfect guide scope alignment. 

The Geoptik X-Y micrometric guide is made of solid aluminium and steel and it is fully CNC machined. Its heavy duty design allows to mount a large diameter telescope (up to 100mm). Two set of knobs regulate the rotation while two levers lock the mechanism.

The Avalon Instruments X-Guider is a high precision micrometric head for guide scopes, camera lenses and compact telescopes. It features an impressive load capacity of 6Kg and is very lightweight at only 550g. The Avalon X-Guider features a dovetail mounting system (Vixen GP 45mm size) for a quick-release attachment/detachment of the guide scope.

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