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QHYCCD produces a range of motorized electronic filter wheels to suit any telescope and camera setup. Available with filter carousels to suit 1.25", 2", 31mm, 36mm, and 50mm unmounted round filters. 

QHY CFW3 filter wheels utilize a high quality ultra-thin hybrid stepper motor that compared to standard electrical motors, is more precise as it has a smaller stepper angle. The motor is enclosed to prevent dust from entering, thus improving reliability and the durability of the motor. The direction of filter rotation can be reversed: the filter carousel can be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise for speed and convenience. The QHYCFW3 main body is CNC machined from a single piece of aluminium, sandblasted and anodized for a high quality finish. The QHYCFW3 series can be connected directly to QHY cooled cameras using a RJ11 port, as well as USB control via computer.

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