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Daystar Solar Scout & SolaREDi telescopes are high quality achromatic doublet refractors specifically designed for the Hydrogen-alpha wavelength.

The Solar Scout 60DS contains a Quark filter which offers performance comparable to doublestacked solar telescopes with similar aperture from other manufacturers, but at a far lower cost.

Unlike most 'entry-level' solar telescopes which have a bandpass of around 0.7Å, the Solar Scout 60DS has an approximate bandpass of 0.5Å, resulting in greater detail of surface structures and filaments. The Solar Scout features a 12mm blocking filter with 16mm of clear etalon aperture, significantly more than competing offerings.

Both the Solar Scout 80 and SolaREDi 127 telescopes can be configured with your choice of Chromosphere or Prominence Quarks. The SolaREDi 127 is available with SE or PE-grade filters with a selectable bandpass from 0.2 - 0.8Å to suit your specific application.

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