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The Baader ClickLock© System is a precise accessory clamp without locking screws. The eyepiece, diagonal or accessory used is held without the inconvenience of the thumbs screws which causes tilt and therefore changes the collimation of the optical system.

Standard eyepiece holders use thumb screws to hold the accessory in place. While tightening, these screws turn the accessory and therefore alter the collimation. You can notice this effect with a laser collimator: the more you tighten the thumb screws, the more the laser dot will move across the mirror. If you repeat this test, the laser dot will move to another position so the collimation can never be precise. 

The Baader ClickLock secures your 1.25" and 2" accessories using its clamping system that holds the part at three sides, thus not introducing tilting movements and throwing off collimation.

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