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Avalon Instruments

Avalon Instruments produces high precisionItalian-made astrophotography mounts, tripods and observatory domes.

Their mounts mounts utilize Fast Reverse Technology, a system of pulleys and toothed belts for extreme guiding accuracy and zero backlash, and are highly portable and easy to set up. Because of their belt drive transmission on both right ascension and declination axes, they require virtually zero maintenance.

The Avalon Instruments T-Pod tripods are exceptionally well made and highly portable. They made of anodized aluminium with stainless steel hardware and feature staggering load capacity of up to 100kg for the T-Pod 110 and 130 (up to 60kg for the diminutive T-Pod 90). Compatible with almost any commercially available mount via adapters. The T-Pod tripods are easy to transport thanks to their built-in carrying handles and soft padded bags. 

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