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The DayStar Solar Scout 80 is a high quality carbon fibre achromatic doublet refractor specifically designed for the Hydrogen-alpha wavelength. It contains an interchangeable Quark Chromosphere or Prominence H-alpha filter which offers performance comparable to similar solar telescopes from other manufacturers, but at a far lower cost.



Click here for a tutorial on Solar photography with DayStar H-alpha filters and Player One cameras!


The Solar Scout 80 is available in either Prominence or Chromosphere configurations at no extra cost, depending on your goals.

  • The Chromosphere version features a bandpass between 0.5 - 0.3Å (depending on your telescope's f-ratio), making it the perfect choice for viewing surface detail, although prominences will still be visible.
  • The Prominence version has a bandpass of 0.8 - 0.6Å, which will deliver bright, high-contrast views of prominences against a jet black sky.




  • 1400mm Effective Focal Length
  • Quality Achromat Doublet 80mm refractor
  • Interchangeable Quark H-alpha filter
  • Carbon fibre construction
  • Robust and precision accuracy: Helical Front-Focus can't slip and does not turn the eyepiece.
  • Solar Bullet finder projects safely onto white screen.
  • Full 22mm clear aperture.
  • Quark can be moved to other instruments for different magnifications
  • Swap filter(s) for different bandpass views
  • Adaptable for 2" or Camera mount / views
  • Always on-band with USB power, 5v 1.5amp
  • Tuning knob allows wing shifting +/- 0.5Å
  • LED indicator for power, warming, ready, fault
  • Vixen /Photo style mounting foot
  • Environmental hard case
  • 5 year warranty

* Application of 2" eyepieces or components, and Camera T-adapters require additional, optional accessories. Diagonal shown in photo is optional.


80 mm achromatic doublet
Focal Length
1400 mm (approximate effective)
Effective F ratio
6562.8 Å
Tuning knob Wing shift +/- 0.5 Å in 0.1 Å increments
Prominence model: 0.6 - 0.8 Å, Chromosphere model: 0.3 - 0.5 Å
Integrated 2-element telecentric 4.3x optimized for 656 nm
Blocking filter Integrated 12 mm blocking filter
Clear aperture 22 mm clear etalon aperture, passes full solar disk
Connection 1.25" female drawtube with brass compression ring
Mounting Reversible Vixen style dovetail foot with 1/4-20 holes
Power Requires 5 v 1.5 amp with USB Micro-B connector
Dimensions 512 mm  length x 94 mm width x 135 mm height
Weight TBD
SKU Chromosphere - DS-SS80C, Prominence - DS-SS80P


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Mike Kane
Daystar Solar Scout 80mm

I am really happy with this Solar Scope. I think the attached image will say more than I can. This image was from my second time out with this scope.

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