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This bundle includes both the ESATTO 3.5" LP low profile robotic focuser and ARCO 3" rotator, as well as the adapter needed to connect the two. Specifically designed for the most demanding astrophotography applications, the ESATTO 3.5" LP and ARCO 3" are a perfect match for applications where backfocus is limited.

The ESATTO 3.5" LP features a large 90mm of free aperture, 10mm of focuser travel, 10kg payload capacity and an incredible resolution of 0.01 microns per step. It can be controlled via USB C on any Windows computer or via Wi-Fi using a smartphone or tablet and communicates directly to the ARCO camera rotator. 



The ESATTO 3.5" and ARCO 3" are designed to work together, so you only need one USB cable to connect to both through the ESATTO and a short cable to connect the ESATTO to the ARCO. 

With ARCO you can remotely control the rotation angle of your camera to achieve perfect framing of the object. If you have an alt-az mount, you can use ARCO to de-rotate the field without the need of an equatorial wedge. By connecting ESATTO 3,5” LP to ARCO 3” you will have a rotating focuser with just 58.5mm of thickness and 76.3mm of free aperture.


Includes PLAY, the Prima Luce AstrophotographY Software

ESATTO 3.5” LP comes with PLAY, the all-in-one and easy to use astrophotography software that allows you control your focuser and easy remote operation. ESATTO comes with a sturdy USB-C port (which you can connect to any USB type port thanks to the cable included in the box) to connect to EAGLE or any Windows computer (tested with Windows 10 computers).

PLAY also allows you to use the ARCO as both a camera rotator and field de-rotator, for use with Alt-Az mounts.

Many adapters available to connect to telescopes and cameras

ESATTO 3,5” LP draw tube travel moves on the telescope side and different optional pre-made adapters are already available to connect to different telescopes. If you don't see what you need, you can contact us for custom adapter manufacturing.

On the camera side, ESATTO 3,5” LP has a M98x1 female thread and, through a complete series of optional camera adapters with stop ring, it allows you to directly connect cameras or to the ARCO rotator. The stop ring allows you to lock the camera at a precise angle to better frame the object.



10 kg

Clear aperture

76.3 mm


0.01 micron / step

Draw tube excursion

10 mm

Thread on camera side

M81 x 1 female


2210 gr


178 mm x 208.9 mm x 58.5 mm 





  • Prima Luce Lab ESATTO 3.5" LP
  • ARCO 3"
  • Adapter PL3600467 to connect ESATTO 3.5" LP to ARCO 3"
  • Power supply cable
  • Cable to connect the ESATTO to the ARCO
  • USB-C cable



ZWO camera software ESATTO Manual (English)

ZWO camera software ESATTO Manual (Italian)

ZWO camera software ESATTO Drivers


ZWO camera software ARCO Manual (English)

ZWO camera software ARCO Manual (Italian)

ZWO camera software ARCO Drivers


To have access to the latest version of the manual, software package and firmware visit 


To connect Esatto via WiFi to your computer, smartphone or tablet and use the virtual hand pad: 

  • Connect your device to the focuser WiFi network ESATTOxxxxx;
  • Enter the password "primalucelab", 
  • Open your browser and enter the address
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