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Click here for a link to raw FITs data from the Delta Rho 350!


Designed by PlaneWave's CTO David Rowe, the Delta Rho 350 f/3 is an innovative widefield telescope for unsurpassed deep sky astrophotography. With rock-solid fused silica mirrors, carbon fibre construction and an advanced baffled 60mm corrected image circle, the Delta Rho 350 is the capable of capturing the most stunning astrophotographs possible.

The Cassegrain focus f/3 astrograph has an aperture of 350mm (14") and has a focal length of 1050mm. Additionally, the Delta Rho 350 provides a perfectly flat field so your astrophotographs will have stunning clarity from corner to corner of the image without field curvature degrading the photos.

Being a fast imaging system, the Delta Rho has a fixed primary mirror, similar to the CDK series. In addition, the new PlaneWave-designed ultra-short derotator and focuser includes a tip/tilt adapter, making tilt adjustment very easy. 

Collimation is extremely straightforward, needing only simple adjustment of the three secondary mirror collimation screws. Multiple cooling fans on the telescope's backplate and sides of the optical tube allow the mirrors to quickly reach thermal equilibrium.

Note: The Delta Rho 350 requires extra crating (not included in the price) - this is roughly $550. Additionally, the Delta Rho is pictured with the Series-5 Rotator and Focuser, which are not included.


  • Carbon fibre tube minimizes thermal expansion, which causes focus shift as temperature changes during an imaging session. Carbon fibre also reaches ambient temperatures quickly and is extremely lightweight and rigid to help ensure excellent imaging data is produced.
  • Dovetail Expansion Joint allows for the difference in thermal expansion between carbon fiber and aluminium. The expansion joint allows the aluminium dovetail to expand and contract without stressing the carbon fiber lower truss.
  • Advanced precision positioned, lightweight baffle tubes minimize vignetting and maximize image contrast. 
  • Compatible with the new Series 5 rotator and focuser (not included), which require only 63mm of space. This leaves 80mm of backfocus for further accessories. Both the Series 5 rotator and focuser require the Series 5 Controller (not included).


Optical system

Aperture 350 mm
Focal length
1050 mm
Focal ratio
Central obstruction
56% by diameter
Backfocus from mounting surface
142.24 mm
OTA length
584 mm
Optimal field of view 60 mm image circle
Carbon fibre truss and truss poles
Weight 21 kg

Primary mirror

Optical diameter
350 mm
Outer diameter 468.3 mm
Fused silica (quartz)
Prolate ellipsoid
Enhanced aluminium - 96%


Secondary mirror

190 mm
Fused silica (quartz)
Enhanced aluminium - 96%


Lens group

110 mm
Number of lenses
Broadband AR coatings (less than .5% reflected from 400 to 700nm)




  • Delta Rho 350 optical tube
  • PlaneWave thumb drive with software and collimation instructions


NGC7000 - 5 x 1 min Lum, 5 x 1 min RGB - Delta Rho 350, PlaneWave L350 in Alt-Az, ZWO ASI6200MM, Chroma LRGB.
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