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The PlaneWave Instruments CDK14 Corrected Dall-Kirkham is an innovative telescope for unsurpassed astroimaging, research, or satellite tracking. With rock-solid fused silica mirrors, carbon fibre construction and pinpoint stars across a 70mm image circle, the CDK14 is the capable of capturing the most stunning astrophotographs possible.

The CDK14 is an incredible breakthrough in telescope technology and produces no off-axis coma and no off-axis astigmatism. Additionally, the CDK14 provides a perfectly flat field so your astrophotographs will have stunning clarity from corner to corner of the image without field curvature degrading the photos.

Offering the simplicity of single-mirror collimation, the stray light control of advanced baffles, structural performance created through finite element analysis (FEA), and decades of telescope design experience, the CDK14 is an exceptional diffraction-limited telescope. 

CDK14 users can experience pinpoint stars edge-to-edge and a 70 x 70 arcminute field of view when using large 16803 size camera sensors. When equipment fades into the background and simply performs, the astrophotography experience becomes even more fun and rewarding!



  • Carbon fibre tube minimizes thermal expansion, which causes focus shift as temperature changes during an imaging session. Carbon fibre also reaches ambient temperatures quickly and is extremely lightweight and rigid to help ensure excellent imaging data is produced.
  • Dovetail Expansion Joint allows for the difference in thermal expansion between carbon fiber and aluminium. The expansion joint allows the aluminium dovetail to expand and contract without stressing the carbon fiber lower truss.
  • 3D-printed precision positioned, lightweight baffle tubes to minimize vignetting and maximize image contrast. 
  • Delta-T ready - For added dew prevention, the CDK14 is internally wired with polyimide film heater pads and temperature sensor, which is ready to be controlled with the Delta-T via PlaneWave Interface 3 software.
  • Three cooling fans blow out of the optical tube pulling air through the telescope and by the primary mirror. This helps the telescope to reach thermal equilibrium quickly. The fans are controlled by a switch on the optical tube, or can be controlled by via PWI3 software.


Optical system

Aperture 14" (356 mm)
Focal length
2563 mm
Focal ratio
Central obstruction
23.5% by surface area; 48.5% by diameter
Backfocus from mounting surface
282 mm
Optical performance
3.1μ RMS at 13 mm off-axis; 6.0μ RMS at 35 mm off-axis
OTA length
889 mm
Optimal field of view 70 mm image circle
Carbon fibre truss and light shroud
Weight 22 kg

Primary mirror

Optical diameter
355.6 mm
Outer diameter 468.3 mm
Fused silica (quartz)
Prolate ellipsoid
Enhanced aluminium - 96%


Secondary mirror

165 mm
Fused silica (quartz)
Enhanced aluminium - 96%


Lens group

95 mm
Number of lenses
Broadband AR coatings (less than .5% reflected from 400 to 700nm)




  • CDK14 OTA
  • OTA cover to protect primary mirror
  • PlaneWave thumb drive with software and collimation instructions
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