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Includes a FULLY CERTIFIED Australian power supply!


The iOptron CEM40 is the next generation of center-balanced equatorial mounts. Weighing in at only 7.9kg., the mount can support a payload of up to 18kg.

The CEM40 features the iPolar integrated electronic polar scope. This tool ensures the accurate alignment of a telescope, even when the pole is obscured. There are large levers on the quick-lock drive engagement system to make it easy to snap the gears into place. The gears are spring-loaded for reduced backlash.

This iOptron CEM40 mount has a dual saddle that accommodates Losmandy and Vixen-style dovetail plates. It also uses iOptron's ultra-quiet, low-power consumption stepper motor drive system, aiding the mount in providing precise tracking.

The iOptron CEM40 mount uses the Go2Nova® 8407 hand controller to navigate the night sky. This incredible technology helps observers find celestial objects with the aid of the mount's 212,000+ object database.



  • Unique design, Center-Balanced equatorial mount (CEM) for maximum payload and minimum mount weight
  • Idea for both visual observation and astrophotography
  • Maximum payload of 18 kg with the mount weight of only 7.9 kg
  • All metal, CNC machined with red/black anodized
  • Easy to use quick-lock gear clutches
  • Integrated iPolar electronic polar finder
  • Low periodic error (< ± 7 arc seconds)
  • Permanent periodic error correction (PPEC)
  • Precision stepper motor for precise GOTO and accurate tracking
  • Go2Nova 8407+ controller with Advanced GOTONOVA® GOTO Technology with built-in heater
  • Integrated ST-4 autoguiding port
  • 32-channel Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • USB communication port
  • Cable management system
  • 6" Losmandy D & Vixen dual dovetail saddle
  • LiteRoc 1.75 inch heavy-duty stainless steel tripod (7kg)
  • Optional WiFi for mount control via SmartPhone/Tablet/Computer
  • NEW iOptron subsidized TheSky Imaging Edition


Center-Balanced Equatorial Mount
Max payload 18 kg (40 lbs) excluding counterweight
Mount weight
7.9 kg (17.4 lbs)
Payload/Mount weight ratio 2.28
Body material
All metal, CNC machined, anodized
Periodic error (PE) <±7 arcsec
PEC Yes, Permanent PEC
Worm period 400 sec
Right Ascension worm wheel Φ 110 mm, 216 teeth, zero backlash
Declination worm wheel Φ 110 mm, 216 teeth, zero backlash
Right Ascension axis shaft Φ 45 mm steel
Declination axis shaft Φ 45 mm steel
Right Ascension bearing Φ 68 mm
Declination bearing Φ 68 mm
Worm diameter Φ 17 mm, Brass
Motor drive Precision 1.8º stepper motor, 128 x microdivision
Resolution 0.08 arc seconds (200 PPS)
Transmission Synchronous belt
Latitude adjustment range 0º ~ 60º (special CW shaft mounting if <10° )
Azimuth adjustment range ± 6º
Polar Scope Internal iPolar electronic polar scope
Level indicator Level bubble
Hand Controller Go2Nova 8407+, 8 line 21 character LCD
Meridian treatment Stop (0-10° pass), flip
Max slew speed 4.5°/sec (1080x)
Power consumption 0.6A (tracking), 0.9A (GOTO)
Power requirement 12V DC, 5A
Power-down memory Yes
Wi-Fi External (optional)
Communication port USB
Autoguide port ST-4
Cable management DC 12V (3A), ST4, USB
Counterweight shaft Φ 28 x 280 mm, Stainless Steel, 1.2 kg
Counterweight 4.5 kg (10 lbs)
Tripod LiteRoc heavy-duty stainless steel tripod (7.5kg)
Dovetail saddle 6" Losmandy D & Vixen
Zero position Automatic zero search
Operation temperature -10ºC ~ 40ºC
Warranty Two year limited
SKU IO-7403A


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