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Note: This kit does not include the primary and secondary mirror, the focuser or the finderscope.


The Geoptik Nadirus 16" kit is a high quality Italian-designed and manufactured Dobsonian telescope made from lamellar beech and birch, resulting in a lightweight and stable structure. The entire structure is coated for outdoor use.

The upper tube housing is made of birch plywood giving unique strength and stability to the secondary mirror spider. The primary mirror cell is made of birch plywood with a support system where the 9-point floating mirror rests on discs of natural cork foam. Teflon strips on both altitude and azimuth make for incredibly smooth operation.

Every part of the telescope has been designed and engineered taking into account a variety of technical and practical aspects. The Italian style, quality of materials and engineering considerations makes it absolutely unique and one of the best Dobsonian kits on the market.


Type Truss tube Dobsonian
Optical design
Clear aperture
402 mm (16")
Focal length
1800 mm
Focal ratio
Mount type
Primary cell
Floating 18-point machined aluminium
Secondary holder High precision aluminium assembly
Alignment Manual
Altitude bearing radius
540 mm
Eyepiece height (at zenith) 1720 mm
Total assembled weight 27.3 kg
Heaviest part
10.6 kg
SKU 10A005



  • Rocker box
  • Circular base plate
  • Mirror box
  • Primary mirror cell
  • Altitude bearing x 2
  • Knobs for altitude bearing x 4
  • 22mm trusses x 8
  • Bolts & washers for tubes x 4 + 4
  • Bag for tubes
  • Secondary cage
  • Secondary mirror holder & spider
  • Light shield for secondary mirror cage
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