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The SkyWatcher coma corrector for f/5 Newton is an indispensable accessory for the advanced astrophotographer.

The Newton telescopes have a fast focal ratio, a flat field and a small obstruction caused by the secondary mirror. These factors make Newton telescopes ideal for high resolution observations and astrophotography. 

The only relevant aberration that affects Newton telescopes is coma, an extra axial aberration that makes stars appear elongated or like comets. This aberration is more visible with short focal ratio Newtons but it can be corrected with a coma corrector. 

The SkyWatcher coma corrector is specifically designed for Newtons with a focal ratio of f/5. The telescope side has a female tread for 2" filters and on the eyepiece side it features a M48 x 0.7 male thread for T-2 rings or camera adapters. It can be used on any 2" focuser and it is supplied with an adapter for 2" eyepieces so it can also be used for visual observations.


Magnification factor

0.9 x

Barrel size

2 "


2 elements

Camera connections

M48 x 0.7

Working distance

55 mm from the M48 x 0.7 thread

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