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SKU: APM-152-1200-FPL51/La-D-3.7ZTA


Apochromatic doublet

152 mm


1200 mm

11.6 kg

The APM 152mm F/7.9 Apo is an apochromatic doublet refractor with optics from APM's SuperED FPL51 Apo series. The air-spaced doublet lens cell provides exceptional correction for observation and astrophotography. The use of one element of FPL51 glass combined with a second lens made from lanthanum glass results in excellent control of chromatic aberration.

The APM 152mm Apo has a native focal length of 1200mm and a focal ratio of f/7.9, making it the ideal instrument for capturing a small planetary nebulae and galaxies. The optics feature broadband multi-coatings on each surface for high contrast and transmission. All APM telescopes are tested at the factory with an interferometer to guarantee their performance.

The large 3.7" ZTA rack and pinion focuser is smooth and accurate with 1:10 fine focusing and integrated 360° rotator. Equipment can be securely fastened by using the included APM Fast Lock 2" & 1.25" adapter.

The telescope comes standard with a Losmandy-style bar, CNC-machined rings, carrying handle and high quality APM-LZOS aluminium tube.

With the addition of the universal APM M82 Riccardi 0.75x reducer, the telescope is transformed into a highly corrected astrograph with a large 52mm corrected image circle

Optical design Super apochromatic doublet with ED glass
Lens cell
Air-spaced doublet with 1 x FPL51 lens and 1 x Lanthanum lens
Broadband multi-coatings
Objective diameter
152 mm
Focal length at prime focus
1200 mm
Focal ratio at prime focus
Backfocus distance at prime focus
230 mm from M82 x 1 adapter
Dovetail bar Losmandy-style bar
Dew shield diameter 186 mm
Tube diameter 156 mm
Tube length 1220 mm with dew shield extended, 1020 mm with dew shield retracted
Tube weight 11.6 kg
SKU APM-152-1200-FPL51/La-D-3.7ZTA



  • OTA 152/1200mm
  • CNC tube rings
  • 3.7" APM Rack & Pinion focuser with 1:10 gear
  • 2" / 1¼" Deluxe eyepiece adapter
  • Finder bracket
  • Carrying case
  • Adapter M82 x 1 male (Backfocus 230mm)
  • Adapter M82 x 1 female to M68 x 1 male
  • Adapter M68 x 1 male to M63 x 1female
  • Adapter M63 x 1 male to 2" APM Fast Lock (Backfocus 180mm)

Customer Reviews

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Paul Lloyd
A large aperture and long focal length that is worth the price

I've had this 'scope for just a month now, and with east coast NSW spending most of that time under cloud cover, I've had only a couple of opportunities to test it, and this has been limited to just astrophotography. If this review is editable, I will add further comments as time and usage permits.

There are not all that many refractor manufacturers who produce a 150mm/6" aperture 'scope. Of them, the APM is one of the cheapest, being a doublet rather than the usual triplet (or quartet). I checked fairly thoroughly its astrophotography results in galleries, like Astrobin, and found quite decent imaging being done. It is also one of the physically lightest, this being a significant consideration for one like myself who has to take his mount down when the weather turns poor. Note that the pricing shown by Testar does not include shipping costs, which make a large addition to its total cost.

The build quality of the 'scope is high, the draw-tube works smoothly with only a small amount of backlash, and the dew shield slides smoothly and locks positively. I was able to install a ZWO EAF to the draw-tube's focuser, and have provided Testar with information on how this can be done. One early problem I found was that, with its weight, it is difficult to catch the 'scope when sliding it out of the mount's saddle, with the result that the dew shield or upper lens barrel hits the mount, and in my case, chipped the barrel's coating. Another issue I had was that the clamping thumb screws that hold the entire draw-tube to the main barrel slip easily and required me to use significant force to tighten them to prevent accidental rotation of my attached camera. It comes in a very sturdy padded carrying case. Unfortunately, the case is fitted with carrying handles at each end, requiring you to be a 2m tall person to be able to stretch your arms wide enough to use them. A central, lid-mounted handle for us lesser folk would be a very welcome improvement.

Of the two targets I have imaged in average seeing conditions (for my coastal location), I have been able to get quite pleasing results (see attached example of NGC3324+IC2599). The stars are nicely round right out to the corners of the frame, and I could detect no chromatic aberration. Features in nebulae are resolvable, and are sharp where they need to be. At long exposures (300sec) the less-than-decent seeing caused the stars to bloat somewhat (guiding was in the 0.5-1.0 arcsec error range), but <60sec exposures showed them nicely sharp-edged with just a hint of haziness. I did have some initial difficulty getting the automatic focuser to work consistently, but think this might be a result of the indifferent seeing conditions.

Overall, I am well pleased with my first results and hope to improve on them with experience. If you are looking for a long f/l refractor, then this 'scope is well worth its price, and will give its much more expensive brothers/sisters a good run for it. Recommended.

APM 152mm F/7.9 APO DOUBLET WITH 3.7" ZTA.


$5,749.00 AUD

Optical design

Apochromatic doublet

Image circle

Focal ratio



152 mm

Focal length

1200 mm

Optical thickness



Colour or Mono

Pixel size

Sensor dimensions


Sensor diagonal

Quantum efficiency

Read noise

Fullwell capacity

Bit depth


Camera backfocus

Filter size

Filter size

Bandpass (FWHM)

Bandpass (FWHM)

Glass thickness

Mount type

Payload capacity

Latitude range

Dovetail saddle

Slew speed


Periodic error correction

Counterweight shaft

Azimuth adjustment range

Internal diameter

Illuminated diameter

Compatible telescope external diameter


11.6 kg




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