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This special double plate is designed to allow a parallel mounting of two optical tubes on the 10Micron mounts. The bottom slide is a 4” dovetail bar 400mm length #10M2199, with special threaded holes; the clamping plates are two 3” Losmandy compatible (#10M2085), length 200mm.
All the components are CNC machined, black anodized aluminum.
They are 3 different possible distances between the two clamps: approx. 210, 245 and 281mm. Included in the set is a Maxi clamping plate #10M2135 which fits directly onto the GM2000 mounts and via the following adapters on the GM3000 and GM4000 mounts:

#10M3545 | Flange adapter for clamping plates (GM3000)

#10M4545 | Flange adapter for clamping plates (GM4000)



  • Material: Black anodized, CNC machined aluminum
  • Bottom dovetail 4”, 400 mm length, with special threaded holes
  • Two 3” clamps #10M2085, Losmandy compatible
  • Center to center distance : adjustable, approx. 210, 245 and 281 mm
  • Weight: approx. 6kg
  • Included a Maxi clamping plate #10M2135, compatible with GM2000 / 3000 / 4000 mounts



Base bar 4” dovetail, 400 mm length
Nr.2 clamps #10M2085, 3” Losmandy compatible (all the components are pre-assembled and aligned)
Nr.1 Maxi clamping plate #10M2135