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SkyWatcher Evostar apochromatic doublet refractors offer high performance for visual observers and astrophotographers. The objective lens features an element made by extra-low dispersion glass (ED) that minimizes the chromatic aberration for the best colour correction. As a result, planets and the moon are sharp at high magnification and for astrophotography the images have a high contrast. 

They feature 2" Crayford focusers which are solid, precise and backlash free. It operates at two speeds due to the 10:1 reduction mechanism for an extra fine focusing adjustment that is paramount for astrophotography and high resolution observations.

The objective lenses are fully multi coated with the SkyWatcher proprietary "Metallic High-Transmission Coating" (MHC) for an effective anti-reflection result that approaches a transmission of 99.5%.

The aluminium tubes are light-baffled and blackened to ensure high contrast absorbing stray light.

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