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Baader's CMOS-optimized filters have excellent halo and reflection control, increased contrast and even more narrow passbands than previous generations. These filters set the new standard for monochrome astrophotography with CMOS sensors. Baader's Highspeed f/2 & f/3 filters are designed for use with fast optics such as the Celestron RASA and Sharpstar Hyperbolic Newtonians.


Baader CMOS-optimized filters - advantages

  • Very high contrast due to steep edges of the coating
  • Reflex-Blocker coatings to minimize reflections caused by correctors, reducers and other optical elements
  • Standardized thickness for maximum possible parfocality - less need to refocus due to different filter thicknesses
  • Blackened edges with side markings in the form of a black outer rim on the telescope side
  • Each filter is individually fine-polished and coated with sealed coating edge, preventing moisture ingress
  • Life-Coat for hardness and age-resistance, making the filters able to withstand tougher conditions for longer
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