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  • M54 x 0.75 Female
  • 5 mm


The ZWO M54 Tilter makes sensor alignment easier than ever, allowing you to adjust the orthogonality of your sensor from the rear end of the camera where there is plenty of room to use standard hex keys.

Unlike universal tilt adjusters, the M54 tilter is designed specifically for use with the following ZWO products:

ASI2600MC Duo, ASI2600MC/MM Pro, ASI6200MC/MM Pro, ASI2400MC Pro.

Tilters solve one of the most common problems encountered in astrophotography, where after accurate focusing, in one or two corners the stars are not pinpoints. Often, the sharpness of the image is compromise to a level that the image has to be cropped.

Some possible causes of this problem are:

  • a tilted camera sensor (fraction of a millimetre are enough)
  • a tilted focuser
  • a tilted focal plane of the telescope (common in Newtonian telescopes)
  • tilted optical accessories by imprecise clamping

As solution, a tilter can re-establish the parallelism between elements and therefore the stars in the corners of your image will appear sharp.

The best way is to calibrate it is using test images:

  1. Identify the corner of your photo which has unsharp / aberrated stars.
  2. Loosen the 3 pull screws.
  3. Slightly turn the push screws in correspondence of for the corner of the photo that is unsharp.
  4. Take a second image. If the sharpness has deteriorated, turn the adjustment screw in the other direction until all 4 corners of your photos has the same sharpness.
  5. Tighten the pull screws.

Telescope connection thread

M54 x 0.75 female

Camera connection thread


Optical thickness

5 mm

Outer diameter

104 mm

SKU ZWO-M54-tilter


1. Use a hex wrench to take off the three M3 cylindrical screws on the adapter.




2.Disassemble the sensor tilt plate from the DSO camera.



3. Place the base of the M54-Tilter onto the cooled camera. Fix them with six 5*6 Phillips flat-head screws.



4. Then place the top cover of the M54 tilter onto the camera. Turn over them and fix the base and top cover with three M3 screws. Please do align the screws to the M3 screw holes (as shown in the mechanical drawing in the specifications tab). The angle between each two M3 screws should be 120°.





$119.00 AUD

Optical design

Image circle

Focal ratio


Focal length

Optical thickness

5 mm


M54 x 0.75 Female


Colour or Mono

Pixel size

Sensor dimensions


Sensor diagonal

Quantum efficiency

Read noise

Fullwell capacity

Bit depth


Camera backfocus

Filter size

Filter size

Bandpass (FWHM)

Bandpass (FWHM)

Glass thickness

Mount type

Payload capacity

Latitude range

Dovetail saddle

Slew speed


Periodic error correction

Counterweight shaft

Azimuth adjustment range

Internal diameter

Illuminated diameter

Compatible telescope external diameter





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