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The ZWO ASI 2600MC PRO is the first camera to use the latest back-illuminated Sony ExMor IMX571 APS-C sensor. It features a QE up to 80%, a bit rate of 16 bits, an ultra-high 14 stops dynamic range and ultra-low 1.0e readout noise.


ZWO engineers worked to minimize the weight of this camera to only 700 grams! The APS-C sensor has the size of 23.5mm x 15.7mm for a diagonal of 28.3mm.

Sony’s back-illuminated CMOS technology improves sensitivity, minimizes noise, reduces power consumption and increases data download speed. In a conventional front-illumination structure, the interconnection of metal wiring and transistors are above the photosensitive silicon surface (photo diode), reducing the overall sensitivity and therefore the quantum efficiency. In back-illuminated sensors, the photosensitive surface is placed on top of the wiring so the incoming light is not obstructed, resulting in a greater quantum efficiency. Sony has developed a new and unique photo-diode structure and an on-chip lens that is optimized for back-illuminated structures, achieving a higher sensitivity and a lower random noise.

The ASI2600MC Pro features a 16bit ADC that can achieve a dynamic range output of 14 stops. This improves the image sharpness and contrast significantly and the color shades are smoother and more natural.

When the gain value is 100, the HCG high gain mode is automatically activated and the readout noise is greatly reduced while the dynamic range basically remains unchanged. 

The ZWO PRO cameras incorporate a 256MB DDR3 memory buffer that improves data transfer reliability and it minimizes amp-glow caused by slow data transfer speeds.

The USB 3.0 Port provides 5Gbps bandwidth and lets the camera run at 3.51fps at full resolution (26 Mega). 

The USB 2.0 Hub allows to connect 2 USB controlled accessories such as a filter wheel, a guiding camera or an electronic focuser, reducing the amount of cables that run directly from your computer.

The 2 stages TEC cooling system allows a ΔT of 35°C below air temperature. The cooling system requires an external power supply of 12V at 3-5A with a 2.1×5.5 mm connector (positive tip). The ASI 2600MC can be powered with a standard lead battery or a DC source between 9-15V.

The polyimide heater avoids the problem of dew condensation on the optical window of the sensor. The heater can be turned off via software.

Traditional CMOS sensors produce a weak infrared light source that is often seen in the corner of uncalibrated images as bright glow. The ASI 2600MC  uses the zero amp glow circuits that avert this artefact in your images.

ASI 2600MC

Amp glow artefact– exposure 300 seconds

ASI 2600MC


Sony ExMor IMX571 APS-C - colour


26 Megapixels 6248 x 4176

Pixel size

3.76 µm

Sensor size

23.5 mm x 15.7 mm (22.2 mm diagonal)

Quantum efficiency


Exposure range


Read noise

1.0e ~ 3.0e (@ 30 dB)

Full well capacity

50,000 e

Bit rate

16 bit


3.51 fps

Shutter type

Rolling shutter


ΔT of 35°C

Memory buffer





Mac, Windows, Linux

Protecting window

AR coated


USB 3.0 / USB 2.0

Back focus

17.5 mm


2" / 1.25" / M42 x 0.75


Ø 90 mm; ↨ 97 mm


700 g

Power supply

9-15V 3-5 A  (2.1×5.5 mm  connector)



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