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We're expecting the mount to be available late June.


The ZWO AM5 is a new low-cost strain wave-geared equatorial/alt-az mount for on the go visual observing and astrophotography



Incredibly lightweight at only 5kg, the AM5 has an impressive payload of 13kg without counterweight or 20kg with counterweight. Despite its size, the AM5 is precisely engineered to be stable and sturdy enough for deep sky imaging with telescopes up to 900mm focal length. With a latitude range of 0-90°, the mount can be used easily near the equator.



The AM5 can be controlled via Wi-Fi or a wired USB connection seamlessly with the ASIAIR or ASCOM/INDI with the LX200 command set, as well as with the included hand controller. You can also use the AM5 app to control the mount over Wi-Fi with a smartphone/tablet.



ZWO has developed custom harmonic drive speed reducer with the demands of imaging in mind. This along with the mount's synchronous belt transmission system results in high torque, smooth gearing and very low periodic errors (within ±20 arc-seconds) make the AM5 an excellent mount for astrophotography.

The mount is equipped with an electromagnetic brake on the RA axis in case of sudden power failure, which will prevent your telescope from being damaged.



Mount type
Max payload 13 kg without counterweight, 20 kg with counterweight
Mount weight
5 kg
Drive Strain wave gears + synchronous belt
Reduction ratio
Periodic error (PE) <± 20 arcsec, 432 seconds duration
RA drive NEMA42 stepper motor + brake
DEC drive NEMA35 stepper motor
Weight 5 kg
Latitude adjustment range 0º ~ 90º
Azimuth adjustment range ± 10º
Dovetail saddle Losmandy & Vixen
Counterweight shaft M12
Stepper motor resolution 0.17"
Max slew speed 6º/S
Power port DC 5.5 x 2.1 12V 3A
Power consumption 0.386A standby, 0.58A tracking, 1.5A GOTO
Guide port ST4
Communication interface USB / Wifi, ASCOM, INDI (LX200)
Zero Position Mechanical
Operating Temperature -20º - 50º C
Power failure protection Yes
SKU ZWO-AM5+Tripod


Sample images taken with a 130mm apochromatic refractor with 900mm focal length. Image is 1 arcsecond per pixel at 200% zoom.

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