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VARIABLE M42 (T2) EXTENSION 20.5mm-30mm


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Extension tubes are intended for reaching the optimal distances between field flattener/reducers and sensors. They are also needed for eyepiece projection. This variable M42 (T2) extension allows to fine tune the distance by fraction of millimetres.
The threads (male and female) are the international used M42 threads (T2).

The extension consists of three parts (from left to right):

  • Base with long male M42 thread
  • Short locking ring with knurled outer part and internal M42 female thread
  • Connection part with M42 female thread and M42 male thread


Telescope connection

T2 (M42 x 0.75) female

Camera connection

T2 (M42 x 0.75) male

Optical length

20.5 - 30 mm

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