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The TS Premium 3x 4-element telecentric Barlow Lens triples the power of any 1.25" telescope eyepiece, providing a convenient power boost for high magnification views of the sky.


Featuring a high-quality 4-element lens design, the TS 3x Barlow will render exquisite images without introducing additional chromatic aberration, while providing an generous 3x power boost. The lens elements are fully multi-coated with anti-reflection coatings to ensure maximum light throughput for bright, crisp views. The lenses are also edge-blackened to further maximize contrast and sharpness.

The telecentric design has two distinct advantages - the magnification factor is independent of eyepiece distance, so you can put double polarizing filters, filter drawers and similar accessories between the lens and the eyepiece without increasing the magnification factor.

Secondly, the telecentric design does not extend the eye relief of the connected eyepiece, meaning it can be used with long focal length eyepieces with less chance of kidney beaning.


The body of the TS 1.25" 3x 4-element Barlow is machined from solid aluminium with a grip-friendly rubber exterior. The 1.25" barrel is internally threaded for use with 1.25" eyepiece and imaging filters. The inside of the 3x Premium Barlow´s barrel is also glare threaded to help prevent internal reflections.

A brass compression ring secures any inserted 1.25" telescope eyepiece in place without marring or scratching the barrel, keeping all eyepieces used with the 3x Barlow in like-new condition.



Barrel size 1.25"
Magnification factor
3 x
Number of optical elements
Fully multi-coated
Filter thread
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