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The Sharpstar 94EDPH APO is a fast apochromatic triplet with a focal ratio of f/5.5 and a focal length of 517mm. The objective lens includes two Extra Low Dispersion glass elements for superb chromatic correction.

This telescope is light and compact and it works at its best when combined with its 0.82x field flattener and reducer (not included), resulting in the focal length of 414mm and the focal ratio f/4.4. This corrector is specifically designed for this instrument and it delivers an exceptionally large corrected image circle of 44mm where the full frame fits completely. 

The large rack and pinion 3" focuser can be rotated 360° and it has a reduction gear of 1:10 for precise focusing. The telescope has a long backfocus to allow the use of flattener/reducers and any kind of accessory. To reach the focus without the flattener/reducer, it is recommended to use a 50mm tube extensionThe focuser is compatible with the ZWO EAF electronic focuser bracket.

All the lenses are fully multi-coated and the tube is internally blackened to reduce reflections and absorb stray light. The tube is made of aluminium, the rack and pinion focusing mechanism of brass and the mechanic components are engineered to provide the best rigidity, performance and durability.



Optical design

Apochromatic triplet air spaced

Objective diameter

94 mm

Focal length

517 mm

Focal ratio


Resolving power

1.28 arc second

Stellar limiting magnitude


Mount attachment

Vixen bar (150 mm long)


Rack & pinion dual speed (10:1) 3" diameter

Camera connection

M74 x 1, 2", 1.25",  M48 x 0.75 (with flattener)


55 mm from flattener (sold separately)

Tube weight

3.3 kg (including tube rings and dovetail bar)

Tube length

468 mm

Tube diameter

118 mm

Dew shield diameter

122.18 mm




  • SharpStar 94EDPH f/5.5
  • Tube rings
  • 150mm Vixen style dovetail bar
  • Carrying handle
  • Adapter to 2" and 1.25"


M31 - Andromeda Galaxy - Sharpstar 94EDPH Apochromatic Triplet Refractor M31 - Sharpstar 94EDPH Apo Triplet Refractor with f/4.4 Reducer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Peter Ridgway
Fits the bill nicely

The 94mm aperture and focal ratio of f5.5 hit a sweet spot for me. When combined with the flattener, this scope gives excellent results for imaging. I have yet to try it out without the reducer to see how flat the image is and how well corrected the triplet optics are in native configuration.
I am using ZWO accessories (EAF, ASiair, FW, CCD, guide cam) and found it troublesome to mount them all. I would appreciate at least one more foot to handle some at least of these.

Graham hooker
First Time Out

Finally we got some clear sky. (Melbourne) The Sharpstar 94EDPH performed well with the focal reducer and flattener. At last I have some nice round stars right to the edge of the frame with my attached ZWO ASI183MC pro, very happy with the first go. even under bad seeing, 8 bortie and moon at 82% Illuminated . I have attached the first pic of the Cats Paw Nebula 184 frames at 60 sec(well it may not be the best picture for some but its magic to me) The focuser was real smooth and very sturdy I hope to get the ZWO auto focuser added some time in the future. (the only thing I would like to see is a flattener with out the reducer so you could get that extra bit of focal length) apart from that Love it

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