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The Short Back Focus version of the QHY600M-PH utilizes a special short backfocus front piece that allows the camera to have 14.5mm of backfocus. This version is designed for use with DSLR lenses with an attached filter wheel. Customers who do not need the short backfocus should instead purchase the 600L. The structure of the camera puts the optical glass close to the sensor, increasing the chance of dew formation.

The front part includes six M2.5 screw holes 80mm in diameter. The QHY600 SBFL can easily match Canon/Nikon lens, even with filter wheel.

The QHY 600M-PH SBFL is a full-frame CMOS cooled astronomy camera containing the monochrome Sony IMX455, a revolutionary back illuminated sensor with a QE above 90% and true 16-bit A/D, translating to a dynamic range of 14 stops. The pixels have a size of 3.76 µm and a resolution of 61 Megapixels.

The full well capacity at full resolution is above 51,000 e-, it rises above 204,000 e- at binning 2x2 without excessively reducing the resolution and remaining above 15 Megapixels.

QHYCCD 600L Mono CMOS camera extended NIR quantum efficiency


Differently from the other cameras, QHY developed three different capturing modes for the 600M:

  • #0 Photographic Mode: this is the standard mode that can be used for general astrophotography. The readout noise rapidly drops between 25 and 26 (2.5e- at gain 26), ideal for long focal length telescopes where a longer exposure time is required. The trade-off at gain 26 is a lower full well capacity at 25,000 e-. In fast telescopes (f/2.2 - f/4) the gain can be set to zero to use the maximum full well capacity (51,000 e-).
  • #1 High Gain Mode: the readout noise is much lower at 3.5e- between gain 0 and 55. This mode is ideal for narrowband imaging where long exposures are generally required. Above gain 55, the readout noise drops even further at 1.5e-.
  • #2 Super Full Well: ideal for objects with bright stars or strong contrast. The full well capacity is at the highest level along the entire gain range.
  • #3 Extended Full WellThe advantage of this mode is that it has the same full well value and system gain as the #2 mode, but the read noise is reduced by about 1.3 times.

Unlike DSLR cameras, the QHY 600M offers true RAW image output that only records the signal without artefacts, noise reduction or hot pixel removal, which can undermine post processing and final quality of the image.

The two-stage TEC cooling brings the sensor temperature 35C° below ambient for low noise imaging even in warm climates. The dark current at -20°C is only 0.002 electron/pixels. In addition, QHYCCD employs unique thermal noise control to reduce noise to a very low value without affecting the integrity of the raw image. The QHY 600M employs a full anti-dew technology for both CMOS sensor cover glass and the optical window.

The 2GB DDR3 memory buffer is especially useful for when USB traffic is high, the writing speed of your computer is slow or occupied with other processes.

To avoid halos around bright stars, the QHY 600M has an AR coated optical window on both sides rather than the common IR/UV cut coating. Also, the sensor protection glass is AR coated to maximize light transmission and minimize internal reflections.

The QHY 600M PRO has zero amplifier glow no matter how long the exposure is.




The Horsehead nebula - Wu Zhen, Celestron RASA11, QHYCCD QHY600, Antlia Ha 3.5nm


Sensor Sony IMX455 back illuminated full frame - MONOCHROME
Resolution 61.17 Megapixels 9576 x 6388
Pixel size 3.76 µm
Sensor size 24mm x 36mm (43.27mm diagonal)
Quantum efficiency >87%
Exposure range 40µs-3600s
Read noise 3.7e- at high gain ; 1.0e- at lowest gain
Dark current 0.0022e-/pixel/sec @ -20C
Full well capacity 51,000 e-
Bit rate Native 16 bit ADC
Frame rate 2.5 fps at full resolution (16 bits)
Shutter type Rolling shutter
Cooling ΔT of 35°C Dual Stage TEC cooler
Memory buffer 2 GB DDR3
ROI Supported
Compatibility Mac, Windows, Linux
Optical window AR coated (both sides)
Ports USB 3.0, CFW
Compatibility Mac, Windows, Linux
Back focus 14.5 mm (including the flange, see schematic below)
Power consumption 40W (at 100% cooling power)
Connections M54 x 0.75 female thread (embedded in camera dovetail adapter)
Dimensions Ø 90 mm; ↨ 169.60 mm
Weight 850 gr (without tilt adapter)
Power supply 12V 3.5A  (2.1×5.5 mm connector)





  • QHY 600M-PH SBFS
  • USB 3.0 cable (1.5m)
  • Screwed power cable (5.5-2.1mm male jack with locking nut to 5.5-2.1mm female jack)
  • Lighter plug adapter to 5.5-2.1mm power jack
  • Desiccant Drying Tube (desiccant not included)
  • Camera dovetail to M54 x 0.75 adapter with 3 thumb screws at 120°
  • M54 x 0.75 to 2"adapter (2.5mm optical thickness, M48 x 0.75 internal thread for standard 2" filters)
  • M48 adapter (optical thickness 5mm)
  • Spacer rings (optical thickness of 1mm, 3x 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 10mm)
  • Bags of screws
  • Australian power supply 240 to 12V 5A with 5.5-2.1 jack



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