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Click here for a guide showing how to install the Sesto Senso 2 to your focuser.


SESTO SENSO 2 is the highly accurate, advanced, vibration free, robotic focusing motor for your telescope with an incredible precision of 0.7 microns.

Sesto Senso 2

SESTO SENSO 2 incorporates all the features of the previous version and it adds:

  • USB-C port to connect it to any standard computer or EAGLE USB port. The USB-C port is a more sturdy, its connection is more reliable and it is also reversible for easier connections in the dark.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity with Virtual HandPad to use it with a smartphone or tablet 
  • Self Centering Clamp (SCC) technology to connect it to focusers without using external brackets.
  • Dimmable LED to reduce its light disturbance. Also the LED light can be turned off completely 
  • Compatible with ARCO camera rotator without the need for additional data or power cables. 


Sesto Senso 2 description

Control via WiFi, from any smartphone or tablet via the Virtual HandPad

The SESTO SENSO 2 app can save preset settings to easily move the focuser to pre-determined positions. The Wi-Fi control works even if SESTO SENSO 2 is connected to a computer so you can control it simultaneously from 2 devices.



Easily connects to most focusers using the Self Centering Clamp (SCC) without the need of external brackets

SESTO SENSO 2 does not require any external brackets for the connection to a focuser. Just remove the fine and coarse knobs to get access to the focuser shaft and connect Sesto Senso using the provided bushings. SESTO SENSO 2 is designed to fit 25mm diameter shafts, commonly used with most focusers in the market. Optional adapters are available for focusers with a 33 or 37mm shaft. SESTO SENSO 2 is compatible with many telescopes such as:



Prima Luce Lab Sesto Senso 2 electronic focuser

Note: It is important that you leave a slight gap between the bushing and the end of the focuser shaft to prevent wear & friction.

Compact and lightweight device, no need for external controllers

The housing of SESTO SENSO 2 is carved from a single block of aluminium using CNC machines. It is completely anodised to increase its durability. The upper part of the SESTO SENSO 2 is made of rigid plastic to allow for Wi-Fi connection.




380 gr


87.5 mm x 43.2 mm x 64 mm



Sesto Senso 2 Technical Specifications



  • 12v DC lighter plug power cable
  • USB-C to standard USB cable
  • Hex keys for assembly
  • 5 color-keyed bushings for different focuser types
  • Quick installation guide

Sesto Senso 2 BOX


ZWO camera software Sesto Senso 2 manual (English)

ZWO camera software Sesto Senso 2 drivers

To have access to the latest version of the manual, software package and firmware visit 


To connect Sesto Senso 2 via WiFi to your computer, smartphone or tablet and use the virtual hand pad: 

  • Connect your device to the focuser WiFi network SESTOSENSO2xxxxx;
  • Enter the password "primalucelab", 
  • Open your browser and enter the address
  • 12v DC lighter plug power cable
  • USB-C to standard USB cable
  • Hex keys for assembly
  • 5 color-keyed bushings for different focuser types
  • Quick installation guide

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Richard Carmichael
    Quality Focusing Motor

    Excellent product and easy to install on my scope
    Software is straight forward to use on the PC or wireless operation with phone
    Focusing is very accurate

    No more Bahtinov Mask!

    Like most PLL products, this is a really well made and solid bit of kit. It took a short while to figure out how to get it running with regards to drivers and COM ports, but once I did, the unit calibrates easily and focuses very well. I also love that I don't have to modify my telescope (Esprit 120) to fit it, unlike some other brands.
    I'm still learning Autofocus, and how to determine if there's any backlash but so far this has been a great purchase.

    Consistently sharper images

    With Sesto Senso my astrophotographs have consistently and significantly better focus than I could achieve manually. I used to keep tweaking the focus alot but now with Sesto Senso I just set, lock, and forget about it for a good while. Star Images (FWHM) are frequently only about 2� or less when using narrowband filters on an image scale of about 1� per pixel. I defocus slightly to both directions until I get about equally out of focus star images and then set the focus to halfways.

    Light Weight, Well-Designed, Accurate Robotic Focuser

    I have been looking for a robotic focuser that will fit on my C9.25 Edge SCT with the giant Celestron F/7 reducer installed but had been unsuccessful until this week. I purchased a Primalucelab Sesto Senso 2 focuser for my Esprit 100 refractor. Turns out that it fits on my 9.25 Edge Featherlight Focuser with about 1/4 in clearance. The Sesto Senso 2 focuser is a mechanical marvel, fits very rigidly and operates very smoothly. This is now dedicated to the C9.25 Edge and intend to purchase a second one for the Esprit 100 refractor.

    Henri-Julien Chartrand
    Wonderful piece of equipment

    When they say highly accurate, compact, lightweight, vibration free, easy to install and to use, they mean it.
    I strongly suggest that you immediately download the instruction manual before you do anything. No need to print the 24 pages. Read it, study it. It will make the installation more enjoyable.

    Welcome Newcomer