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Level up your SkyWatcher HEQ5 mount with these exceptionally well-built Prima Luce Lab mechanical accessories! Includes the PLUS Small Dual Dovetail Clamp and HEQ5 Connection Flange, two must have components to increase the payload and the rigidity of your setup. 

The flange and saddle belong to the Prima Luce Lab Universal System (PLUS) that includes a large variety of telescope rings, bars, guide rings and dovetail clamps. Each component of the PLUS system is carved from aluminium blocks that are CNC machined. Then, the aluminium is sandblasted to achieve a very smooth surface finish and it is anodized (hard anodizing) to increase the hardness of the material and to protect it from oxidation.


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Jeffrey Pountney
HEQ5 Upgrade

Like quite a few of us, I've not been happy with the way the old Skywatcher mounts with the clamping screws, dimple the dovetail bars of our telescopes. The Prima Luce upgrade is an elegant solution to the dimpling problem of the old HEQ5 mount head. I 'm aware that there are other providers of a similar upgrade to the mount but I am very happy with the P.L. unit that I purchased from Testar.
The unit is well made ( machined ) and nicely anodised and fitted neatly onto the mount and works well. My only reservation is that the clamping section could be longer, the same length as the diameter of the puck would look better ( in my opinion ) and would provide a longer, more stable clamp to the dovetail , especially with longer F/L telescopes.
All in all I think the upgrade is a most sensible option to combat the scourge of the dimpling from lock screws from the mainly older model EQ mounts.

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