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ECCO2 is the Environmental Computerized COntroller for EAGLE that automates the management of dew heaters during long exposure astrophotography. By adding the ECCO module to your EAGLE, it will automatically and continuously monitor the temperature, humidity and pressure around your telescope and the temperature of your lenses by calculating the dew point (the temperature below which dew condenses). This way it will automatically vary the heating of dew heaters connected to the dew heater ports of the EAGLE avoiding condensation on your optics.

The second generation ECCO now comes with USB-C type port, added pressure sensor, SMART control of temperature probes and DARK mode. ECCO2 is also provided with an ASCOM driver so can be controlled with any third party software and standard Windows 10 computers.


Prima Luce Lab ECCO 2 dew controller for EAGLE specs


Main features:

  • Computerized controller to be installed on your telescope
  • Plug&Play: just connect to the EAGLE and it works!
  • USB Type C port with reversible plug: safe and reliable
  • It adds automatic power control to dew heaters connected to the dew ports of the EAGLE
  • Temperature, humidity and pressure sensors to automatically calculate dew point
  • 3x ports for temperature probes
  • DARK mode to disable the LED light
  • SMART control of temperature probes to automatically detect uncalibrated or wrongly connected temperature probes
  • ASCOM driver to control ECCO2 from external softwares or even standard Windows 10 computers
  • It supports compact guide scopes when used with “Guide scope support for ECCO”
  • Weight: 75 gr.


With the EAGLE Manager, you can see in real time the dew point calculation, the temperature detected by the temperature probes you have installed and the variation of the power supplied by the EAGLE to the dew heaters. ECCO2 does not require external power supply and it comes with a sturdy USB-C port providing increased reliability with its reversible plug - You can connect the USB cable in either orientation, preventing problems when connecting the ECCO in the dark.


Prima Luce Lab ECCO 2 dew controller for EAGLE


ECCO2 can be installed on any Vixen-style finder shoe on all telescopes making it very easy to connect. If you do not have a finder base, you can use our optional “DX finder base” and then connect the ECCO2. 

ECCO 2 environmental computerized controller for EAGLE installed on refractor


As with all Prima Luce Lab products, ECCO2 offers you innovative features in a product characterized by refined design and high quality construction. Made entirely of 6061 T6 aluminium and produced using CNC machines, ECCO2 is completely red anodized to increase the strength and durability of the materials. It can also be used as a finder support by adding the optional "Guide scope support for ECCO".


Prima Luce Lab ECCO 2 together with guide scope support


Prima Luce Lab ECCO 2 dew controller schematics



  • ECCO2
  • Adapter for Vixen-style finder shoe
  • 2 temperature probes
  • USB Type C cable - length 120cm
  • Quick guide

Prima Luce Lab ECCO 2 dew controller items included

Customer Reviews

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Dave Manning
Valuable piece of kit and a must have for the Eagle 3 Pro

Having the knowledge of not only the temp and humidity, but also air pressure is proving to be quite valuable with my rig in suburban Sydney.
Just a quick and easy update of the Eagle Manager and I can confidently rely on the ECCO 2 to effectively control my dew heaters and allow me to enjoy lengthy and uninterrupted imaging sessions.

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