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The new low-profile PlaneWave Series-5 Focuser is a large capacity, stackable focuser for use with Alt-Az or equatorially mounted systems. The focuser is capable of lifting 40 lbs (18 kg) with a range 16.5 mm (16500 microns).

It has a large clear aperture of 5" (127mm) and an optical thickness of 1.675" (42.5mm). The Series-5 Focuser can be stacked with the Series-5 Rotator for a complete focuser/rotator solution.

Initially designed for the Delta Rho 350, the Series-5 Focuser is also compatible with the CDK12.5, CDK14, CDK17, CDK20, CDK24, and the CDK700. Controlled via PWI4 software for autofocusing and optional field de-rotation (if using an Alt/Az mounted system).

The Series-5 Focuser requires the Series-5 Controller in order to function.


Backfocus occupied
42.5 mm
Focuser travel range
16.5 mm
Clear aperture
127 mm
Weight capacity
18 kg
Focuser weight
2.95 kg
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