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 As these are custom made systems, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Testar Australia is proud to partner with Optiques Fullum to offer the full range of large Fullum-folded Newtonians for the discerning astronomer who demands exceptional quality, ease of use and extreme apertures.

Fullum-folded Newtonian telescope systems are designed, engineered and manufactured in-house by Optiques Fullum and are available with mirrors up to 65" (165 cm) in diameter.

This configuration features a parabolic primary mirror with a very short focal ratio (between f/3.5 and f/4), coupled to a secondary mirror placed much lower than normal, which will redirect the optical axis at a 17.5-degree angle instead of 45 degrees. This results in a more secure focal spot for the observer.



The folded optical configuration lends itself to comfortable viewing positions even close to zenith. Pictured here is a 36" Fullum-folded Newtonian.


For these telescopes, Optiques Fullum fabricates very light custom-designed aluminium and composite structures, with GoTo StellarCat and ArgoNavis tracking systems. 



Optiques Fullum's unique Techno-Fusion mirror design produces fast cooling mirrors. Never worry about cool-down time and heat plumes again! Another benefit of Techno-Fusion comes from its light-weighting and its unmatched rigidity though a fused structure. You will never find yourself victim of problems found in large solid mirrors such as astigmatism or other self-deflection aberrations.

At the end of the day, your large primary mirror is the hearth of your telescope. At Fullum Optics, they make sure that it’s ready for its mission which is delivering the universe to your eyes without worrying about thermals or flexion.

All mirrors are manufactured according to the highest standards of conical constant accuracy, surface roughness, and critical tolerance specifications.

As these are specialized telescopes which are built to order, every aspect of the system is customized to the exact requirements of the client, be it for visual observation, research or imaging. Price does not include shipping.


Optical design Newtonian reflector
Objective diameter 1143 mm
Focal length 4000 mm
Focal ratio f/3.5
Resolving power 0.1 arc second
Stellar limiting magnitude 17.99
Max. magnification 2857 x (theoretical)
Light gathering power 26,662 times the human eye


Interview with Normand Fullum at the Dorner Telescope Museum.



Installation of a 50" Fullum-folded Newtonian telescope.

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