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The RiDK range (Riccardi Dall-Kirkham) represents the new reference point for all modified Dall-Kirkham instruments available on the market. The unique experience and creativity of Massimo Riccardi, Chief Optical Designer at Officina Stellare, gave birth to a new class of astrographs with superior performance and image quality. The results are simply amazing: this optical system is based on a spherical secondary mirror (very easy to align), able to deliver a 70mm corrected field across a wide range of wavelength (between 400 - 750 nm) and a spot size of only 4 micron at the field edge. These outstanding optics are mounted inside the state of the art Officina Stellare truss tube. The same mechanics are approved and used from worldwide research institutes for professional studies, designed to remain stable with temperature change.

The long backfocus allows any type of accessories to be mounted, including cameras and rotators. It is the telescope for anybody who believes that imaging the Universe is one of the most important, serious and fulfilling experience for all night sky lovers.

The Officina Stellare RiDK includes the following features:

  • Low expansion glass optical set
  • Carbon/aluminum truss tube design
  • Splitted light baffle
  • Four support dovetails
  • Three ventilation fans and mirror heaters with manual control
  • Shroud and cap covers
  • Primary cell detachable for easy mirror cleaning.

It is also available in full carbon and it features several accessories such as:

  • 0.75x reducer
  • Digital or manual backplate focusers (only for 400mm)
  • Rotators
  • Secondary mirror focuser (from 500mm)
  • Mirror shutters
  • OS Bus advanced electronic
  • Customized imaging train parts and more

Available also with Officina Stellare mount.


Optical design

Riccardi Dall-Kirkham


400 mm

Focal length

2800 mm

Focal ratio


Linear obstruction


Fully corrected and
illuminated field

70 mm


40 kg

Backfocus extraction

~240 mm



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