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The Ritchey-Chrétien telescope is the most popular optical design used by professional astronomers and astroimagers all over the world. The Hubble Space Telescope itself uses the RC configuration.

The PRO RC's represent a step forward in state of the art of professional instruments. The PRO RC design is a two element combination of hyperbolic mirrors designed by the most experienced optical engineers with the goal to provide outstanding optical performance. The use of specially figured optical elements results in a superb optical quality suited for the most demanding researchers, astroimagers and professional users. Maximum light transmission, the widest spectral range and a highly corrected large field are the features of the PRO RC design. It offers a large fully corrected field and the smallest spot size available on the market. The Officina Stellare telescopes employ perfect mechanics, superb certified optics, a top level accessory range and superior customer service for unsurpassed quality and experience. 


The Officina Stellare PRO RC Series are built with the best quality Ritchey-Chrétien optics. All telescopes can be provided with their own interferometric report that certifies the overall quality of the instrument. The PRO RC standard range goes from 400mm (16 inches) to 800mm (32 inches). Optics can be chosen between low expansion glass (borosilicate, Pirex or similar) or near zero expansion ceramic glass substrate (Ohara Clear Ceram Z HS, Japan, which is one of the best ceramic glass available on the market today). Larger models are available on request.


The Officina Stellare PRO RC telescopes are designed and optimized with CAD and computer support modelling to achieve the best rigidity and lightness. All metal components are fully CNC machined and only premium materials are used such as special aluminum alloys, stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber and brass for long lasting, low maintenance operations.

Components are treated with high resistance anodization or multiplayer paint for unbeatable resistance to environmental conditions.

A unique and innovative design of both primary and secondary mirror holding cell results in no astigmatism mirror shift or flop of any kind. The fastest possible thermal stabilization time is guaranteed by the mechanical design of the cells and the use of high quality fans.

The PRO RC is easy to use, efficient and absolutely rock-solid for long lasting collimation. Also, some unique features make the PRO RC a professional telescope:

  • Computer designed baffles to protect focal plane from stray light
  • Focal plane tilt adjusting
  • Large focus extraction
  • High precision spherical joints in the truss structure
  • Double parallel split ring for the secondary mirror/spider support
  • Radial micrometric adjusting of spider
  • Manual or motorized zero shift secondary mirror movement
  • Special opaque paint for all parts along the optical path.

Officina Stellare telescopes are offered with several options and they are fully customizable:

  • Optical truss tube: aluminium/carbon or full carbon
  • Glass: low expansion glass or near zero expansion ceramic glass
  • Coating: aluminium, silver or gold for different wavelengths. 



Optical design



500 mm

Focal length

4000 mm

Focal ratio


Linear obstruction


Fully corrected and illuminated filed

70 mm


85 kg

Backfocus extraction

300 mm



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