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Many astrophotographers know the problem: after accurate focusing, in one or two corners the stars are not pinpoints. Often, the sharpness of the image is compromise to a level that the image has to be cropped.

Some possible causes of this problem are:

  • a tilted camera sensor (fraction of a millimetre are enough)
  • a tilted focuser
  • a tilted focal plane of the telescope (common in Newtonian telescopes)
  • tilted optical accessories by imprecise clamping

As solution, a tilter can re-establish the parallelism between elements and therefore the details on the corners of your photo will return sharp.

The best way is to calibrate it is using test images:

  1. Identify the corner of your photo which has unsharp / aberrated stars.
  2. Loosen the 3 pull screws (the smaller one).
  3. Slightly turn the push screws in correspondence of for the corner of the photo that is unsharp.
  4. Take a second image. If the sharpness has deteriorated, turn the adjustment screw in the other direction until all 4 corners of your photos has the same sharpness.
  5.  Tighten the pull screws.


Telescope connection thread

M68 x1 female

Camera connection thread

M68 x 1 male

Optical thickness

between 9.3 to 12mm

Female M68x1 thread length

4 mm

Male M68x1 thread length

4 mm

Outer diameter

95 mm

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