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The SkyWatcher field flattener and reducer for the Evostar 120ED transform your telescope into a professional astrographer. Refractors are affected by field curvature no matter what brand or diameter. This is not an issue for visual observations as eyepieces can partially compensate this aberration. On the contrary, when a refractor is used for astrophotography, a curved field will limit the corrected image circle and the stars on the border of the field appear elongated.

The SkyWatcher field flattener and reducer extend the corrected field and transform the Evostar ED refractor into a professional telescope for astrophotography. Also, the 0.85x reducing factor will convert the focal ratio of your Evostar 120ED from f/8.3 to f/7.1 with the advantage to shorten the photographic exposure. 

The field flattener and reducer can be screwed directly onto the focuser of the Evostar once the final ring on the focuser tube is removed. On the camera side, the reducer has a M48 male thread that makes this reducer suitable for the majority of camera adapters and T2 rings.



Reducing factor

0.85 x

Thread on the camera side

Male M48 x 0.75

Working distance

55 mm from the beginning of the M48 thread





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