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The Baader Wide-T-Ring allows the connection of Canon Eos EF to T2 thread (M42).

The internal M42 thread can be removed with the supplied hex key and can be replaced with various other connections (sold separately):

  • M48 x 0.75. The adapter # BA2958552 replaces the T2 thread with a female M48 x 0.75 thread. The optical thickness of this adapter remains unchanged. The sensor remains at 25mm from female thread. This adapter is particularly useful for full frame cameras that get vignetting with the standard T2 (M42 thread).
  • 2" adapter with M48 x 1 filter thread. With adapter # 2958551 you can attach the Wide-T-Ring directly to the 2" without the T2 bottleneck. The M48 x 0.75 thread on the other side of this adapter allows to screw standard 2" filters. The overall length of the adapter is 25mm.
  • Connection to the M68 x 1 (Zeiss type) thread. With adapter # 2458252 you can attach the Wide-T-Ring directly to focusers and adapters with the female M68 x 1 thread.
  • Connection to the Baader UFC Filter Chamber System. With adapter # 2459119 you can attach the Wide-T-Ring directly to the Baader UFC (Universal Filter Changer) System.

Camera connection

Bayonet Canon EF mount

Telescope connection

T2 (M42 x 0.75) female thread and S52 dovetail ring

Optical thickness

11 mm

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