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Baader Triband SCT telescopes are made to order. Contact us if you are interested!


The Baader Triband-SCT 11" is a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with an ERF-coated Schmidt corrector plate. This makes it suitable for high resolution solar observation and imaging without the need for an external energy rejection filter.



Note: For solar observation and imaging, an additional Herschel Prism or H-alpha solar filter is required! This could be the Baader Herschel Prism, SunDancer II H-alpha filter or Daystar Quark H-alpha or Calcium-H filter

The Triband-SCT combines Celestron's exceptional Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes with Baader's D-ERF dielectric energy rejection filter, integrated into the corrector plate. The result is a large aperture solar telescope which can also be used for deep sky narrowband observing and imaging (think of it as a built-in UHC filter). Infrared radiation is blocked down to 1450nm to keep the tube cool and supress thermal currents which can ruin images.



Unlike traditional off-axis ERF solutions for solar imaging with SCTs, the Triband allows you to utilize the full aperture and optical quality of the telescope. Additional rear-ventilated heat shields in front of tube and secondary mirror also keep the tube from heating up by the sun's radiation.

The system is also great for visual observations – the sun will impress you more than ever in those moments when the seeing is good. Please note that a Triband SCT is no grab-and-go-telescope: Smaller telescope with less magnification will show nice images even at poorer seeing conditions, but a high-end telescope which pushes everything to its limits also requires a proper location. Make sure that your surroundings don't cause bad local seeing – only then you can take the telescope to its limits!



The Triband coating passes not just H-alpha, but CaK, CaH, H-beta, O-III and S-II, so that you can use the telescope fully for narrowband imaging, be it at the original f/10, with a reducer at f/7 or even with a Hyperstar-system at f/2. You can even use UV-filters (such as the Baader U-Venus-filter) or IR-pass-filters and achieve surprisingly good contrast.

The SC optical system suffers much less from chromatic aberration over a much broader spectral range than the best apochromatic lens telescopes. This makes the Baader Triband-Schmidt-Cassegrains the most versatile CaK and H-alpha-telescopes on the market.

Note: Additional filters, accessories and mount as shown in photos are not included with the telescope.


The Triband-SCT is an incredibly versatile instrument, but requires additional filtration depending on the use-case. For more info, check out the user manual.

  • H-alpha: Solar Spectrum H-alpha filter with TZ-3 telecentric system and telecompressor TK0.4 or TK0.7, Baader SunDancer II filter, or Daystar Quark filter. An additional D-ERF filter is not required.
  • Deep-Sky (not for solar observations!): Deep-sky filters according to your field of interest (RGB / H-beta / O-III / H-alpha / S-II).


Optical design Schmidt-Cassegrain with D-ERF coatings
Aperture 279.4 mm (11")
Focal length 2800 mm
Focal ratio f/10
Resolving power 0.42 arc seconds
Highest useful magnification 660 x
Light gathering power 1593 times the human eye
Central obstruction diameter 95 mm (34% of aperture diameter)
Wavelength ranges 380 - 400 nm, 480 - 515 nm, 630 - 680 nm
Optical coatings Baader D-ERF
Backfocus from rear flange See manual
Threads 3.28"-16
Tube length 610 mm
Tube weight 13 kg
Tube diameter 312.42 mm
SKU BA2301004


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$10,499.00 AUD

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