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BAADER Q-BARLOW LENS 1.25" 1.3x / 2.25x

$89.00 AUD
SKU: BA2956185

Baader Planetarium


  • M28.5 x 0.6
  • 1.25" barrel


The Baader Q-Barlow 1.25" is a high-quality 2.25x Barlow made of exotic glasses that provides the rare extension factor of 2.25x. The High-Transmission Multi-Coating (HT-MC) on all air-glass surfaces delivers a remarkably brilliant image with extremely low internal reflections. 

When used with the Q-Turret set, there are no duplicate focal lengths, and you can achieve higher magnification than with standard 2x barlow lenses. It is also suitable for planetary imaging to make better use of the camera's resolution.

The Barlow can either be screwed into the Q-Turret eyepiece turret or combined via the special included adapter with all 1.25 "eyepieces. In this case, it acts as a 2.25x Barlow. With the Q-turret revolver and the Classic Eyepieces, this results in the following focal lengths: 2.7mm, 4.5mm, 8mm and 14mm.

Alternatively, it can also be screwed directly into an eyepiece and then increases the telescope focal length by a factor of 1.3x. The Barlow element has an M28.5 male thread (corresponding to the filter thread of 1.25" eyepieces), and the housing has an M28.5 female thread. The 1.3x magnification factor is achieved when the Q-Barlow is completely screwed into the 24mm long push-in sleeve of an eyepiece whose field diaphragm lies 2mm inside the push-in sleeve. This corresponds to the design of their Classic Plössl/Ortho eyepieces; with other eyepiece designs, the magnification factor may vary slightly.

Note: When fully screwed in, the Barlow element protrudes 13mm into the 1.25" plug-in sleeve. On eyepieces where lens elements in the 1.25" sleeve do not allow the Q-Barlow element to be screwed in, it can only be used in the 1.25" adapter with factor 2.25x. If necessary, you can use it on these eyepieces with the 18.5mm long 1.25" extension sleeve BA1905130.


Magnification factor
1.3 x, 2.25 x
Optical design
Connection telescope side
1.25" barrel with internal M28.5 thread
Connection eyepiece side
1.25" clamp
Weight 70 g
SKU BA2956185

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BAADER Q-BARLOW LENS 1.25" 1.3x / 2.25x.

BAADER Q-BARLOW LENS 1.25" 1.3x / 2.25x

$89.00 AUD

Optical design


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M28.5 x 0.6, 1.25" barrel


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