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$1,749.00 AUD


Apochromatic Petzval quintuplet

65 mm


416 mm

2.8 kg


 The Askar 65PHQ is a professional apochromatic flatfield Petzval quintuplet with a focal ratio of f/6.4 and an image circle of 44mm in diameter. The Askar 65PHQ includes two Extra Low Dispersion glass elements for superb correction of chromatic aberration.



Differently from standard ED refractors, the Askar 65PHQ features a Petzval design that does not require to set the sensor to a specific distance to the last lens. That leaves the freedom to use any filter wheel, any off-axis guider or accessory without any worry to calculate the correct distance from the flattener.

With a large 44mm image circle and a focal ratio of f/6.4, this is the perfect astrograph for the advanced astrophotographer. The large rack and pinion 2.5" focuser can be rotated 360° to perfectly frame the subject and has a reduction gear of 10:1 for precise focusing.

All the lenses are fully multi-coated and the tube is internally flocked to reduce reflections and absorb stray light. The tube is made of CNC-machined aluminium, the rack and pinion focusing mechanism of brass and the mechanical components are engineered to provide the best rigidity, performance and durability.



Optical design Apochromatic Quintuplet air-spaced
Objective diameter 65 mm
Focal length 416 mm
Focal ratio f/6.4
Resolving power 1.78 arc seconds
Stellar limiting magnitude 11.76
Max. magnification 162.5 x
Light gathering power 86.22 times the human eye
Mount attachment Vixen style dovetail plate (300 mm long)
Focuser Rack & pinion dual speed (10:1) 2.5" diameter
Included connection adapters M68 x 1, M54 x 0.75, M48 x 0.75 (with 2" filter thread)
Backfocus 130 mm (from the base of the M68 thread)
Tube weight 2.8 kg (including tube rings and dovetail bar)
Tube diameter 80 mm
Dew shield diameter 88 mm


  • Askar 65PHQ
  • Pair of tube rings
  • 300mm Vixen style dovetail bar
  • Carrying handle
  • Adapter M68 x 1 to M54 x 0.75
  • Adapter M54 x 0.75 to M54 x 0.75
  • Adapter M54 x 0.75 to M48 x 0.75 with 2" filter thread
  • Manual



The Rosette Nebula by Clayton Haynes | Askar 65PHQ, ZWO ASI533MC Pro, ZWO AM5.



The Carina Nebula by Simon Kidd | Askar 65PHQ, Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTI, unmodified Canon 200D


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Baldwin

I was after a wide field of view to get some of the larger objects and looked around everywhere. After reading some reviews (not many out there), I settled on the Askar 65PHQ. At 416mm there is no need to worry about back focus, but you do have to attach the provided adapters. The quality of the optics and the Petzval design resulted in amazing shots with stars looking wonderful. Great service from Testar and Jamie as well. I am very impressed with Askar and will look at upgrading to a larger size when “Aperture Fever” hits me again. This shot of NGC 3372 and M8 Lagoon, both only 20 x 180 with my ASI533MC and dual band filter. I basically just stacked it (no calibration frames) and did no processing at all to give you an idea of what the Askar 65PHQ can do. If you do some software processing and tweak the images, it will look even better. I’m in Bortel 4 and there was almost a half-full moon. This scope will be great fun to experiment with other cameras and filters. It matches really well with the ASI533MC, but I get the feeling it would be great with an APS-C, like an ASI 2600. I am definitely keeping this scope.

Absolutely stunning!

I've had my Askar 65PHQ for about 6 months now, and it's nothing short of amazing. Having owned a number of beautiful refractors in the past (Tak FSQ85, TMB 80/480, APM 115 and TMB/LZOS 132), the scope had big shoes to fill, but as this was my step back into astrophotography after a 10 year break, I wanted 3 things - Small and manageable size, wide field of view, Petzval design optics not requiring flatteners and backfocus adjustment. The 65PHQ ticks all of those boxes, and somehow, at this price point, is easily on par with any of my previous refractors optically..

I chose to pair the scope with Prima Luce rings, spacers and dovetails to meet all of my equipment mounting requirements and a ZWO EAF finishes the rig nicely...

I'm using the scope with a IMX294 based sensor on a Losmady G11G and thus far - I love it!
I'll be getting the 130PHQ next!

Couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Clayton Haynes
A beautiful little scope.

After making the mistake of buying a Schmidt Cassegrain as my first telescope 30 years ago and then seldom using it, I decided to do the right thing upon getting back into astrophotography and buy a small refractor. After reviewing the range of Askar offerings I bucked the popular trend of choosing the faster Askar FRA400 and instead went for the slightly slower and optically superior 65PHQ, and I'm extremely pleased with my decision. I also have the matching Askar 0.75x reducer. The scope and accessories are beautifully made, wonderful to use, and are delivering images way better than I'd hoped for (example attached). Mine is mounted to a ZWO AM5, with a Prima Luce SESTO SENSO robotic focuser (requires a custom adapter due to a smaller than typical focusing shaft diameter, mine made and fitted beautifully by Testar). I have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about this scope. If you're looking for a refractor around this focal length you'd be crazy not to consider one of these. The attached SHO image has 11.5 hours integration time, shot from my Bortle 6 backyard. I think it says it all.

What a Gem!!

My first serious telescope and I couldn’t be happier
Mounted on my skywatcher adventurer GTI mount with ZWO EAF and ASI air plus, this scope is incredible for the price
I took the images below on my first time trying this rig just with a stock Canon camera (200d)
Jamie and the team are awesome with help and advice too!

Little jewel

its my first real telescope.
Mounted on my AM5, installed the EAF and is a pleasure to use!
ofc a small sensor like my 533 keeps everything easy but I had ZERO issues with this baby.
Perfect stars and incredible contrast built with durable materials and WHITE (important to see it in the darkest nights lol).
I even used it on my Skywatcher GTI adv. with double counterweight... pushing the mount at the limit but was acceptable.
The scope is compact enough to move it everywhere and bring it out under a "perfect" b1 sky!
RECOMMEMDED for new astrophotographers like me. Really easy to use and zero headaches !



$1,749.00 AUD

Optical design

Apochromatic Petzval quintuplet

Image circle

Focal ratio



65 mm

Focal length

416 mm

Optical thickness



Colour or Mono

Pixel size

Sensor dimensions


Sensor diagonal

Quantum efficiency

Read noise

Fullwell capacity

Bit depth


Camera backfocus

Filter size

Filter size

Bandpass (FWHM)

Bandpass (FWHM)

Glass thickness

Mount type

Payload capacity

Latitude range

Dovetail saddle

Slew speed


Periodic error correction

Counterweight shaft

Azimuth adjustment range

Internal diameter

Illuminated diameter

Compatible telescope external diameter


2.8 kg




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