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The ZWO ASI 294MC PRO is a colour cooled camera with a large sensor which is ideal for wide field astrophotography. Considering the large 4.63 µm pixels, this camera works well with long focal length telescopes like Schmidt Cassegrains. The ASI 294MC is offered for a very competitive price and it is the ideal camera for anyone wanting to take the first step to become a professional astrophotographer.

The ZWO ASI 294MC installs the Sony IMX294CJK CMOS colour sensor that offers 14bit, allowing it to achieve 13 stops of dynamic range which is even higher than the ASI 1600.

The ZWO PRO cameras incorporates a 256MB DDR3 memory buffer that improves data transfer reliability and it minimizes the amp-glow caused by slow data transfer speeds.

The exceptional low-illumination performance of 0.14 lx (SNR 0.1s) is possible due to the large 4.63 µm pixels. This makes the IMX294CJK sensor ideal for subjects with low superficial brightness. 

The HCG (high conversion gain) mode reduces the read noise at high gain levels without any loss of dynamic range. This function is automatically enabled when the gain setting is 120 or higher. 

The IMX294 sensor is a BSI (backside illuminated type) sensor, which has a very high QE that is estimated to reach 75%.

The USB 3.0 Port provides 5Gbps bandwidth and lets the camera run at 19fps (12 bit, normal mode) or 19fps (10 bit, high speed mode) at full resolution (20.18 Mega). 

The USB 2.0 Hub allows to connect 2 USB controlled accessories such as a filter wheel, a guiding camera or an electronic focuser, reducing the amount of cables that run directly from your computer.

The 2 stages TEC cooling system allows a ΔT of 40°C-45°C below air temperature. The cooling system requires an external power supply of 12V at 3-5A with a 2.1×5.5mm connector (positive tip). The ASI 294MC can be powered with a standard lead battery or a DC source between 9-15V.


The full well capacity is 63700e, which is 3 times the capacity of the ASI1600. Even bright stars won’t saturate under long exposure. This camera can achieve higher SNR (signal to noise ratio) with just one single exposure.

The dark current of the ASI294MC is a bit lower than the ASI1600 at the same temperature, based on our test results. 


4/3″ SONY IMX294 CMOS - colour


11.7 Megapixels 4144 x 2822

Pixel size

4.63 µm

Sensor size

19.1 mm x 13.0 mm (23.2 mm diagonal)

Quantum efficiency

75% (estimated)

Exposure range


Read noise

1.2 ~7.3 e (@ 30 dB)

Full Well Capacity

63,700 e

Bit rate

124 bit


19 fps

Shutter type

Rolling shutter


ΔT of 40°C-45°C

Memory Buffer





Mac, Windows, Linux

Protecting window

D32-2-AR coated


USB 3.0 / USB 2.0

Back focus

6.5 mm


2" / 1.25" / M42 x 0.75


Ø 78 mm; ↨ 77.5 mm


410 gr

Power supply

9-15V 3 A  (2.1×5.5 mm  connector)



1. M43-T2 adapter

2. EOS-T2 adapter

3. 2”Filter (optional)

4. 1.25” T-Mount

5. 1.25” Filter (optional)

6. M42-1.25” adapter (optional)

7. T2 extender 11mm

  • Camera bag
  • Camera body
  • USB 3.0 cable (2 metres)
  • 21mm extender (M42 male - M42 female)
  • 16.5mm extender (M48 female - M42 male)
  • 11mm M42 female extender (screwed to the camera) 
  • Nose piece (M42 male to 1.25" female)
  • Internal adapter M42 (female) to M48 (male)
  • 2x USB 2.0 cables 0.5m
  • M42 male to 1.25" filter thread (necessary to connect a 1.25" filter inside the 11mm extender)
  • 0.3mm spacer
  • 0.5mm spacer
  • User manual
  • 1.25mm plastic cap
  • Plastic cap for 11mm M42 extender


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