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Testar Australia is a technical assistant dealer for 10 Micron. Our staff has been trained at the 10 Micron factory to provide assistance, repairs and maintenance on their products.


The “Maxi”-dovetail clamping plate 4″ is designed to accept 4” 10 Micron dovetail slide bars, suitable for heavier configurations. Advisable for instance for optical tubes larger than 14” or for dual telescope setup.
Length 200mm; 2 security locking knobs
4” slide bars are available in different lengths.

Note for GM3000 & GM4000 users: Although it should be possible to accommodate this plate directly on the top of the GM3000 & GM4000 mount, due to the low profile of the clamping plates we strongly recommend to use the following special Flange Adapters in order to operate the plate’s knobs with enough clearance:

#10M3545 | Flange adapter for clamping plates (GM3000)

#10M4545 | Flange adapter for clamping plates (GM4000)



  • CNC machined, black anodized aluminium
  • Two locking knobs
  • Length: 200 mm
  • Suitable for 4” 10Micron dovetail slide bars



“Maxi”-dovetail clamping plate 4″

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