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ZWO 850nm IR PASS 1.25"


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The ZWO 1.25″ IR 850nm pass filter is a must have accessory for high resolution astrophotography. It enhances the details on the surfaces of the planets, allowing to get more details especially for Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

This filter can be used on colour cameras such as the ASI224MC or ASI185MC as they are sensitive to IR light. 

This picture of the blood vessels in the hand has been taken with the ASI290MM+ 850nm IR filter + 2.1mm lens.

Blood has a different temperature than the tissue of a hand, this different IR emission can be seen with a sensitive IR camera like the ZWO and the IR pass filter.


Filter thickness

1.9~2 mm


19 mm



ZWO 850 IR PASS 1.25


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