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Takahashi's TOA series of refractors feature a unique Ortho-Apochromatic triplet design which offer the highest possible correction of any refractor on the market. This special optical configuration based on a highly air-spaced triplet completely eliminates spherical aberration while having the best chromatic correction in the Takahashi range. With two S-FPL53 ED elements, the air-spaced triplet lens cell has a Strehl ratio of 99.8% at the optimal wavelengths of human vision.

The Takahashi TSA-120 is an apochromatic triplet refractor with exceptional correction for observation and astrophotography. With one S-FPL53 ED element, the air-spaced triplet lens cell provides similar performance to their flagship TOA series with a Strehl ratio of 99.2% at the optimal wavelengths of human vision.

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