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SkyWatcher Photographic Newtonians are excellent value imaging telescopes with a fast f/5 focal ratio. This allows for the use of the photographic reflector on visual observations and high resolution imaging of planets and the moon. They feature oversized secondary mirrors which provide a large illuminated field that is ideal for large camera sensors.

While the coma is still visible, it is 36% lower than the coma in an f/4 Newtonian. The optional SkyWatcher coma corrector for f/5 Newtonians corrects the coma superbly, offering a large corrected field for astrophotography.

The 2" Crayford focuser is solid, precise and backlash free. It operates at two speeds due to the 10:1 reduction mechanism for an extra fine focusing adjustment, which is paramount for astrophotography and high resolution observations.

The oversized secondary mirror is collimable by using 3 grub screws and the offset can be adjusted by using the central spring loaded screw.

The primary mirror is collimable with 3 pairs of push & pull screws. 

The aluminium tube is internally blackened to avoid internal reflection, enhance contrast and to absorb stray light.

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