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Due to heat emission into the sky, the back of a Newtonian secondary mirror can become colder during the night, and so the used surface, resulting in the formation of dew. A dedicated heater can prevent from this problem.

Usual heaters cannot be installed on the back of a secondary mirror glued to a holder having almost the diameter of the secondary. The TS-Optics Wrap-Around Heater Kit is a perfect solution, heating the holder and transferring the heat to the secondary mirror.


Installation is simple. Simply wrap the heater around the stalk that your secondary mirror is attached to as indicated in the drawings below. Then wrap the black neoprene heat insulator around the heater. Use the included elastic band or black electrical tape to secure this in place.

The heater wires can be taped down along one of the spider vanes (we recommend using black electrical tape). The heater cables are very thin and will not affect image quality if placed in-line with the spider vane, however, as an option, you can also use the included flat copper strip with adhesive backing as a feed to the heater if you have experience with electrics.

Also included with your heater is a Female-to-Female RCA connector and a 6’ RCA extension cord so that you can extend a power lead to your Kendrick dew controller. We recommend a dew controller setting of 10% to 20% for this heater. Only use higher settings if your mirror is already dewed over and you need to clear it or your observing environment requires it.

This heater is designed to work with TS, Skywatcher, Meade, Celestron, Orion and other Newtonians and Dobsonian telescopes with secondary mirrors glued to holders in form of a stalk of almost the diamater of the secondary.

Important note
The manufacturer provides the heater with blade receptacles and adapts to RCA. The blade connectors are not insulated and can cause a short circuit, so it is advisable to use insulating tape at least on one of the two connections.

Wire length 150 mm


RCA plug

Power usage

10 watts max (0.8 A)

Cable length
400 mm (with 230 cm extension)
12 V
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